Bible College

157 students have been graduated since we started this Bible College. Theses students have been received Bachelors of Ministry / Missiology / Theology degrees. This is two year residential program of study.

341 Pastors/Missionaries/Evangelists have been graduated in Diploma in Ministry. This is one year program of study. They come four days in a week. We call semi-residential program.

1703 Churches have been planted by our graduates. It doesn’t mean church is building but home churches. Some of them are buildings too. Most of our graduates are pastors and missionaries. Few of them are Evangelists and Bible College teachers.  All of our graduates are located scattered all over India. There are few of them very noted preachers, Missionary organization founders; six of them are working as Bible College professors in big Bible Colleges in India.

Compel Outreach International has been taking the Gospel to the continent of Asia since the early 1990’s.

COI has had an ongoing presence there since 2001.  Compel has ministered in four countries in Asia.  India,

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.  Presently, Compel Asia has its headquarters India.  Crusades, church

plants, Pastor and Leadership training, orphanages and schools are all a part of this Compel Asia ministry.


Compel crusade in Pakistan

Mass EvangelismBible CollegeChurch Planting Leadership Training

Mass Evangelism Christian School Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Mass Evangelism Church Planting Leadership Training

School in Pakistan

Christian Youngster Scholars is located in Lahore, Pakistan. The financial responsibility for the school was assumed in 2012.  The school was about to close for lack of funding and the enrollment was 150 students.  In one year the enrollment increased to 300 students.





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